KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly saw inconclusive proceedings, as opposition’s protest marred the continuing debate on budget 2021-22 on Thursday.

The house met brief adjournment twice after the opposition legislators continued a noisy protest with placards in hands during the budget proceedings.

The legislature remained in a complete disorder, as opposition was on rampage and seemed in no mood of compromise to settle down and let the house proceed with its budget agenda.

It appeared the opposition had a clear plan to disrupt the assembly proceedings, as situation looked tense from the beginning.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh Information Minister also stepped up to the opposition leader, Haleem Adil Shaikh to bring the house in order but the effort went in vain.

Soon after, the Sindh Assembly started its debate on the budget 2021-22 for the sixth day, MQM legislators stood up from their seats and unleashed their protest.

PPP’s female legislator, Shaheena Sher Ali opened the budget debate for the day but failed to make her speech audible since the screeching chants by the MQM echoed across the house.

She criticised the PTI, saying, “we are being taunted for Ayan Ali [a model girl], whom we don’t recognise but let us know about the Hareem Shah [a female tiktok star]. Who is she, sitting on prime minister chair.

She asked the PTI to start first accountability of Jahangir Tareen and sister of Imran Khan, Haleema Khan. Meantime, Speaker put off the house for Zohr prayers because of the protest that was disturbing the proceedings.

PTI’s defected lawmaker, Shaharyar Shar, who was seated on treasury benches, the opposition started shouts calling him traitor.

Shar continued to slam the federal government for failing to ensure water supplies to Sindh’s agriculture sector. He also criticised the PTI central government for shortage of natural gas to the province.

GDA’s Nand Kumar alleged the PPP government for establishing ‘dictatorship’ in Sindh. He said that Sindh belongs to all and “we also belong to it”.

He demanded of the Sindh government to appoint specialist doctors at the Sanghar Civil Hospital, adding that his district is the second largest cotton producer but suffers from water shortage.

“Forced conversion of religion [of Hindu girls] is big issue. Hindus are suffering from injustice,” Nand Kumar said.

Qasim Siraj Soomro of the PPP claimed that his government has provided the ‘best’ possible medical facilities across Karachi’s hospitals, “which nowhere in the world are available”. He criticised the opposition for protest.

PPP’s Ghulam Qadir Chandio blamed the protesting opposition for hindering Sindh’s progress. He said that the opposition’s attitude is based on ‘hostility’.

The house again slipped into noisy protest, forcing the Speaker to adjourn it for another brief period.

Soon the house resumed its debate on budget, the MQM legislators started chants “give us water”.

The Speaker found it out of control as protest seemed nowhere ending and adjourned the house for Friday morning at 10am.

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