Pakistan, Turkiye navies hold joint exercise

  • PNS Babur visited the Aksaz naval base and participated in the exercise
Published June 15, 2024

The naval forces of Türkiye and Pakistan held Turgutreis-9 exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean to enhance operational readiness and foster cooperation, Radio Pakistan reported on Saturday.

PNS Babur visited the Aksaz naval base and participated in the exercise.

The purpose of the exercise was to further enhance the interoperability and joint operations capability between the two navies.

Pak Navy ship conducts exercises with Japanese, Spanish ships in Indian Ocean

Earlier, the Pakistan Navy Ship ASLAT conducted passage exercises with the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) Ship SAZANAMI and the Spanish Navy Ship SPS CANARIS in the Indian Ocean, during Regional Maritime Security Patrol (RMSP).

In a statement, the Pakistan Navy said that exercises aimed to enhance interoperability and further strengthen mutual relations between the navies operating in the region.

“Besides conducting various maritime exercises, an opportunity was also afforded to develop an understanding of each other’s Strategies, Techniques, and Procedures focused on actions against illegal maritime activities in the region,” the statement added.

The press release further said that the Pakistan Navy believes in collaborative efforts to maintain lawful order on high seas.

“The regular interaction with other Naval Forces reiterates Pakistan’s contributions in common cause of promoting regional peace and stability against threats to maritime security,” it concluded.


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Blowing of money which we begged from imf.
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