LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Information & Culture Azma Bokhari has said that the founder of PTI is behind the conspiracy against Pakistan.

“He (PTI founder) cannot bring any revolution by sitting in the Adiala Jail. He should call his children from London,” Azma said, adding: “There is an element of favouritism in the Judiciary which has badly affected the credibility of Judiciary.”

While addressing a press conference, here on Saturday, she maintained that Imran Khan wants NRO again. India’s role in Pakistan’s partition is not hidden from anyone. Today dividing the country into two parts is being talked about by sitting in Pakistan, she regretted.

“We are taking care of the problem of black bees who are biting the prosecution. Imran Khan should not behave like a coward and become bold. He should confess the controversial video of Sheikh Mujeeb which he shared,” the minister said.

Azma Bokhari further said that the PML-N government is both in the federation and in Punjab. There is a significant reduction in the prices of vegetables including petrol, LPG, roti, flour and bread. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is striving hard to bring foreign investment in the country. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif is working day and night for the well-being of the masses. Tasks have been assigned to the Deputy Commissioner to ensure implementation on one dish, “Saaf Suthra Punjab” and other works. Now posting formula has been decided, she said, adding: “The ACRs of Deputy Commissioners will be written on the basis of their professional work and will only be given promotion keeping in view their better performance.”

She further said the ‘Riot Party’ whose work is to promote terrorism and it feels sorrow over reduction in the prices of petrol and edibles. “May it be the Army of a country or a Chief Justice, digital terrorism is done against them. One feels profoundly grieved when the country got partitioned into two parts in 1971 and even PTI tries to politicize this tragic incident. Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission was constituted in 1971,” Azma said, adding: “Now they (PTI) want to infuse hatred into the minds of new generation against the army by recalling Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report. They want to infuse a narrative of their own liking into the minds of the new generation.”

Azma Bokhari said that the country is being damaged by the violent thinking of founder PTI. “Now another plan like 9th May is in his mind. Rauf Hassan has himself talked about dismemberment of Pakistan.

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