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“I was saddened to learn that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) postponed the hearing of former First Daughter – I mean is that fair to others who may have engaged in activities that come within the purview of that entity…”

“Agreed, especially as NAB had to the best of my knowledge requested rangers and army personnel to be deployed…wait…let me finish, I also take strong exception to your referring to her as the First Daughter – see in our country parliament rarely makes the changes it is…”


“Ha, ha, that’s right – anyway it is also father time that brings changes to all and Maryam Nawaz should be referred to as the Prime Minister In Waiting…”

“The wait maybe longer than she reckons…anyway going back to what you said I don’t think NAB has the authority to summon the army.”

“I was being facetious, anyway let me disabuse you of another perception you seem to have…in our country having the authority is not relevant, it is the audacity and…”

“You are being facetious again…do you reckon the rangers possibly expressed their reluctance…”

“Nah, more like the decision came from the top.”

“The top of what? The top of Shahzad Akbar’s bald head; or the top of The Buzz’s balding head or…”

“The decision was taken at the top and let that statement stand.”

“You reckon the only institution that is allowed to take Maryam Nawaz head on is NAB and no one else wants a stream of continuous abuse hurled at…”

“Ha, ha, ha…anyway I was saddened to hear about the postponement of her hearing, I wanted to see the baraatis (those who accompany the groom to the wedding venue) – I mean where would Kaira sahib stand…yes I know he is not elected but the point is he holds a powerful position within his party, and would Maryam have allowed him to stand next to her or would that honour have been conferred on Rana sahib or Ahsan Iqbal and…”

“I reckon the Maulana for all his bashfulness around women may have been selected as the Man who Stands Next to Maryam Nawaz…”

“Agreed, I mean The Maulana has stood by her more than daddy even and…”

“Back off my friend!”

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