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Education, technical skills essential for uplift of tribal areas, says PM

  • Imran says government is devising strategy to promote tourism and trade in the region that would benefit not only the people of the region but also help improve economy
Updated 28 Sep 2020

(Karachi) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government will provide education and technical skills to people in tribal areas of Pakistan to help boost development in the region.

Addressing a gathering in Bajaur Agency on Monday, Imran said he visited different tribal areas to witness the ground situation and resolve issues being faced by the people. " He added the tribal areas lagged far behind in development and education as the previous governments failed to address issues facing the region.

"No society can prosper without education and we are determined to educate youth in tribal areas," the prime minister stated.

He maintained that the government plans to build roads in the region and carry out other development works for uplift of the region. He stated that the government is also devising strategy to promote tourism and trade in tribal areas that would benefit not only the people of the region but also help improve economy.

He said that the planning ministry has been instructed to provide funds to the area and added that border markets are also being set-up to provide opportunities to locals.

The premier highlighted that enemies of the country were trying to stoke anarchy in the tribal districts and are opposed to the merger of the districts with K-P, hence, the government will leave no stone unturned in regards to development in the region.

The PM said that earlier, people from tribal zone used to travel to other areas to find work but soon they will get opportunities to find work in their hometown.

Earlier in the day, Imran Khan visited Mohmand District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Speaking on the occasion, the PM said all provinces had promised that three percent of the NFC Award will be given for development of tribal districts. However, he regretted, only KP has given its share while the other provinces are yet to allocate its share of funds for the purpose.

The PM continued that the government will provide all possible funds for the socio-economic development of tribal districts. He said he has directed the Ministry of Planning in this regard.