Users make fun of Elon Musk after he ridiculed Porsche’s new electric vehicle

Shazma Khan September 6, 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently ridiculed automaker Porsche for inaccurate naming of its newly unveiled electric car, but it soon backfired on Musk when people started pointing out his mistakes from the past.

Recently German automaker Porsche introduced it all new Taycan electric sports car called ‘Turbo’, but soon Musk ridiculed it by pointing out its inaccurate name. However, looks like it backfired on Musk as people immediately started making fun of him.

As explained by Futurism, turbo refers to turbochargers that are generally found in internal combustion engine vehicle and are used for increasing performance by pumping more compressed air into the engine. Regardless of the name, Porsche’s Turbo is an electric car and EVs don’t come in with internal combustion engine.

On Thursday, Musk took to Twitter to mock Porsche by saying that maybe the firm is not aware what the word Turbo means.

Porsche revealed three versions of its Taycan electric supercar – the base model costing $150,000, and the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S that will cost more. The Turbo and Turbo S will feature new ‘overboost’ function to raise top performance to 751 horsepower, enabling it to go from zero to 62mmph in 2.6s.

Porsche North America President Klaus Zellmer told Fox News Autos that the firm used the ‘Turbo’ nomenclature since its customers recognize it with the highest performance versions of all of its vehicles. He said that ‘Turbo’ is used by all sorts of products that don’t feature actual turbochargers, including razors.

Soon after, Musk’s Musk’s attempt to make fun of Porsche came back at him after users started reminding of his various tweets.

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