BR100 3,787 Increased By ▲ 50 (1.35%)
BR30 19,375 Increased By ▲ 273 (1.43%)
KSE100 36,619 Increased By ▲ 428 (1.18%)
KSE30 15,901 Increased By ▲ 207 (1.32%)
CASES 251,625 2753
DEATHS 5,266 69

Pakistan fast bowler Junaid Khan was probably one of the big misses at the recently concluded ICC World Cup 2019. The speedster, who did not make into 15-Man World Cup squad, still remains baffled over his exclusion.

“In my view, there was really no reason for my exclusion but then the Pakistan selectors can probably explain their decisions much better and shed light on this issue. It was them, along with the Pakistan Head Coach, who decided to drop me from the original squad, and no one really explained the reasons to me,” said Khan, quoted

Despite being a fine fast bowler Junaid has not remained consistent enough to cement his place in the national side, and is regularly picked and dropped. However, the speedster believes that his performance was ‘no worse’ than any other Pakistani bowler and getting dropped from the tournament was ‘really disappointing.’

Junaid also went on social media and tweeted a picture of himself with his lips covered in black tape and stating ‘truth is bitter’ in protest over his exclusion. Speaking about his means of protest that went viral the fast bowler said that it was a ‘justified’ act.

“In my view, a player in such a situation is justified in expressing his disappointment. In my case, I decided to say what is in my heart in a different way. As you know, I am a Pathan and we are very passionate and aggressive people. So, the picture I posted was the only way I could really show my disappointment which to me was a better way of saying what I felt without writing something hurtful,” he said.

However, the 29-year-old cricketer later deleted his tweet.

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