Faysal Quraishi defends Mahira Khan after actor Firdous Jamal calls her ‘over-aged’

Asfia Afzal July 27, 2019

Veteran Pakistani actor Firdous Jamal appeared on Faysal Quraishi’s morning show where, while giving his opinion about Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan, the actor said she is just a mediocre model not even actress.

The video clip from the show has been getting attention of social media users where Firdous can be seen saying that she is over-aged and doesn’t fit well as a lead heroine. Mahira’s fans have been disappointed with his statement and a debate has been going on since then on social media.

Host Faysal was also seen shocked to hear such a bold statement from the veteran Pakistani actor. Though he didn’t react to his statement during his show but he defended her through Twitter.

Faysal also drew some ire from Mahira’s fans as he also said she didn’t deliver any hit Pakistani film yet. Replying to one of Mahira’s fans, he wrote, “That’s how he thinks, she is a super star and I was shocked too. I praised her 1000 times in my show no one shared that,” he wrote.

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  • 5 responses to “Faysal Quraishi defends Mahira Khan after actor Firdous Jamal calls her ‘over-aged’”

    1. Fahad Ali says:

      I think he was right, it wasn\’t sexist comment.

      • Aamir says:

        Wat made these people felt that those were sexist re.marks. He is a senior actor and simply gave his opinion rather than critcizing someone. It seems our junior actors male/female have forgotten respect for seniores. They suddenly jump to conclusion without any thought. Mainly because they have got fame in short period through ample channels instead of one channel where seniors used to work for their livelihood. Respect seniors.

    2. Aslam Qureshi says:

      Firdous sb is right in his comments but way of expresing was not very right. Industry would certainly disagree as there are too many B class C catagory female actressess who are old and do not want this fact to be discussed on social media. Besides most of them are mediocres, copying some others. but think very high about themselves. Most are sifarshi, old and unattractive. Mahira is among them. My appology to her. Our most mail actress also copy someone. How our Film Industry exaggerating LOL films released in Pakistan. However I support trying.

    3. Humaira says:

      Firdous Jamal is right. He was being honest.

    4. Aamir says:

      Respect seniors.

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