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Some new reports suggest that Saudi Arabia is planning to develop a new smart city with extreme technology including artificial moon, flying cars, robot dinosaurs, glow-in-the-dark sand, and human gene editing among many other things.

According to some confidential documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, alias MBS, is planning to develop a futuristic $500 billion mega city, dubbed Neom project, in order to lessen their dependency on oil.

The city will be called ‘Neom’ – a combination of Greek word neos meaning ‘new’, and Arabic word mustaqbal meaning ‘future’. The proposed features stated in the reports include flying taxis, a huge artificial moon that will be illuminated each evening, and cloud seeding tech to produce artificial clouds and more rainfall in the Saudi desert.

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Moreover, the city will also incorporate schools where classes will be taught by holographic teachers, a Jurassic Park-like island featuring robotic dinosaurs for entertainment, robotic maids for housework, human gene-editing clinics, glow-in-the-dark sand, and also ultra-modern security system that will make use of drones, security cams, and facial recognition to track each citizen 24/7.

“Neom is all about things that are necessarily future-oriented and visionary,” Neom Chief Executive Nadhmi al Nasr told the WSJ. “So we are talking about technology that is cutting edge and beyond — and in some cases still in development and maybe theoretical.”

Business Insider wrote, Neom is among MBS’ Vision 2030 plans to modernize and diversity the kingdom’s economy, cutting down its dependency on fossil fuels.

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