A motorcyclist died in an accident after ramming into the car owned by Bollywood actress Zarine Khan. The actress is said to be disturbed and crying since the accident happened on Wednesday.

Deeply shaken by tragedy, Zarine opened up to Bombay Times and shared details about the horrifying incident and how it left her scared. “I'm so shaken up with what has happened. It has not been easy to digest the whole thing, I flew back from Goa this morning. What happened is so unfortunate," she said.

“The guy [biker] lost his life and my heart goes out to his family. I haven't stopped crying since it happened. The car was not even moving. It was stationary," ‘Hate Story' actress said.

The accident occurred late on Wednesday, when the deceased motorcyclist identified as Nitesh Goral, rammed his scooter into the car, before falling off. He later died of head injuries in hospital. The actor was present in the car along with her driver when the accident took place.

While she is still reeling from the trauma of the accident, Zarine has a message to all bike riders out there. “I want bikers to ride safely, wear helmets and realise that their families are waiting for them," she said.

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