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PSL III on top beats BBL, IPL |

As the third edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) enters into its last stage, it has been learnt that five foreign cricketers participating in the league would not visit Pakistan for the league’s final leg.

According to Nottingham Post, Alex Hales, who is representing the Islamabad United at PSL has decided not to play in the final stages of the Pakistani T20 tournament, should his side reaches there.

Fellow Englishmen, including limited overs skipper Eoin Morgan, opening batsman Jason Roy, and Sam Billings have also refused to play in Pakistan if their teams qualify for the last four stage of PSL3.

Just days ago Morgan and Roy joined their respective franchises for the remaining PSL matches. The English skipper has joined the Karachi kings camp, whereas, Roy is part of Quetta Gladiators.

Earlier, star batsman Kevin Pietersen had refused to visit Pakistan for eliminators and final. Meanwhile, Australian all-rounder Shane Watson remains ‘undecided’ and awaits family permission.

The Quetta Gladiators captain Sarfraz Ahmed was of the view that it’s up to players to make the decision and hoped that his star player Kevin Pietersen would join the team to play in Pakistan.

“KP is KP but I hope he takes a good decision. He will definitely realise that last year we suffered loss because of the absence of four international players. But we have replacements in line as well now,” he said, quoted Gulf News.

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  1. Agha says:

    Why do we pay exorbitant sums of money to these COWARDS. Tell them to stay home and not waste our money on yellow livered so called whites.

    • Bawar says:

      who will visit such a country, if they can clearly see the animosity and racism towards them. Make your country worth visiting first. Look at you and your surrounding, look at your comment and your thinking, do something to make yourself worth respect. thn you can come here and say something in civilised way. waiting to see what your reaction would be.

      • Maroof says:

        I can bet you any thing that PSL3 semi finals and final will be played without any trouble. The USA and India financed terrorists will not get a chance, this time, to commit any sort of terrorism. I also note that it is only the English players who who are assuming that Pakistan is hell. Yes I know that Srilankan team was attacked in 2007. But it appears that the English players are still in that era.

        I salute Srilankans and West Indians who have fully co-operated with PCB.

      • Maroof says:

        Civilized people are visiting are country. Do you get that Bawar? USA financed terrorists will cease to exist. We are proud of our country.

  2. Ahmed malik says:

    Ma sha allah

  3. Hussain says:

    All PSL players should be clearly told and their consent be obtained to participate in all PSL events irrespective of the venue.
    In case they show their reluctance they should not be selected to participate in any of the PSL matches.

  4. zargham says:

    we guys can’t force them. but they should take brave decision because we deliver them VIP protocol. and now we’re desperately waiting.
    why u guys are scared,does the guy who are in replacement does not love their life.

  5. Ashraf says:

    Its upto the players they come to Pakistan or not
    But for next year they shouldnt include in the team.
    No matter if only Pakistani players are in Psl.
    We love our country more then any body else.

  6. Aaqib says:

    It’s easy for them to play in pakistan.we are used too in our country situation, but pcb have to select players they are agree to play in pakistan.

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