Analysts laud $2bn investment in Pakistan's oil, gas sector

Parvez Jabri January 8, 2014

imageISLAMABAD: Prominent economist Dr Pervaiz Amir has said that the investment of two billion dollars in the field of oil and gas is very positive.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said government has to do more to attract foreign and local investors especially taking urgent measures to improve law and order situation.

He added the field of oil and gas needs heavy investment and advanced equipment.

He said domestically, there is no shortage of capital but confidence of the people needs to be developed.

He went on to say that policies regarding investment should be practical and internationalized.

He said apart from our traditional partners, Latin American and European investors should also be contacted in this connection.

Former Secretary Petroleum Gul Faraz Ahmed has said there is a lot of potential in the exploration and production of gas and oil in Pakistan.

He said mostly foreign companies invest in this field therefore; peaceful conditions are very necessary for investment in this field.

He appreciated the business friendly policies of the government.

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