TRIPOLI: Muammar Qadhafi did not discuss “exit strategies" with President Jacob Zuma on his peace mediation visit to Libya on Monday, Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a news conference, Ibrahim added that the West was ignoring an African peace plan backed by Zuma known as the African roadmap, which calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities followed by a transitional period and political dialogue.

The rebels rejected the African Union plan weeks ago, saying any settlement must include the departure of Qadhafi. Zuma “never discussed any exit strategies as they have been described in the media", Ibrahim told the news conference.

Ibrahim thanked Zuma for “his efforts to find a peaceful, democratic and African solution for the Libyan problem".

“We understand very well that President Zuma and the African continent are being ignored by the west … This is a powerful African voice that is being ignored, just like the African roadmap was being ignored," he said.


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