KARACHI: TikTok took action against 20 million videos, in Pakistan, and removed them for breaching its community guidelines during the first quarter (Jan-March) of this year (CY24), underscoring its resolve to combat violations effectively.

Moreover, TikTok has aggressively pursued spam accounts and related content, implementing robust measures to prevent the proliferation of automated spam accounts.

In its continuous effort to foster a secure and positive online environment, TikTok has unveiled its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the first quarter of 2024. This release highlights TikTok’s unwavering commitment to transparency, safety, and inclusivity, reflecting its dedication to building trust and ensuring a safe platform for its global community.

During the January-March period of 2024, TikTok’s proactive measures led to the removal of 166,997,307 videos worldwide, representing about 0.9% of all videos uploaded on the platform. A substantial portion of these, 129,335,793 videos, were identified and removed through automated detection technologies, while 6,042,287 videos were reinstated upon further review.

In a bid to enhance transparency, TikTok has now disclosed the number of comments removed and filtered by our comment safety tools for the first time. TikTok has removed and filtered 976,479,946 comments using comment safety tools during this three-month period.

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