ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has issued list of Ministries/ Organisations/Departments, which are defaulters of billions of Rupees.

According to the list issued by Iesco, the defaulting public sector government institutions are: Government of AJK Rs 54862 million, Ministry of Defence Rs 5295 million, CDA Rs 4063 million, CDA (Pak Secretariat) Rs 1065 million, CDA (Cabinet Secretariat) Rs 116 million, CDA (Chairman Senate) Rs 68 million, Cantt Board Chaklala Rs 1642 million, Cantt Board Rawalpindi Rs 256 million, WASA Rs 967 million, Ministry of Railways Rs 295 million, Hospitals under Federal Government Rs 279 million, Pakistan PWD Rs 260 million, Federal Police Rs 251 million, TMA Rawal Town Rs 190 million, TMA Murree Rs 162 million, Ministry of Interior Rs 143 million, Punjab Police Rs 135 million, Parliament Lodges Rs 118 million, Punjab Jail and Convict Settlement Rs 116 million, Ministry of Health Rs 76 million, PBC Rs 75 million, Ministry of Culture and Sports Rs 75 million, GM Hydel Rs 66 million, Punjab Health and Welfare Department Rs 54 million, Chief Commissioner Islamabad Rs 51 million, Ministry of Education Rs 48 million, TMA Hassan Abdal Rs 46 million, FIA Rs 32 million, District and Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi Es 28 million, AG Maintenance (DP) Rs 28 million, Ministry of Hajj and Auqaf Rs 25 million, Health District Government Rawalpindi Rs 24 million, Ministry of Environment and URB Rs 23 million, Balochistan House Rs 23 million, Cantt Board Attock Rs 21 million, Islamabad High Court Rs 20 million, District Government Rawalpindi Rs 19 million, Health District Government Jhelum Rs 18 million, TMA Potohar Town Rs 18 million, FBR/CBR Rs 16 million, District and Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Attock Rs 16 million, TMA Jhelum Rs 15 million, Director General Special Education Rs 14 million, Meteorological Department Rs 12 million, Ministry of Local Government 12 million, Intelligence Bureau Rs 10 million, NHA Rs 10 million, and Sindh House Rs 10 million.

Iesco crackdown on defaulters in full swing

Total outstanding amount against the government institutions as per list is Rs 71168 million.

The company’s administration has requested the heads of all defaulting government institutions to pay their outstanding electricity bills and to contact the relevant revenue office or the Commercial Directorate at IESCO Headquarters for any query or information.

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KU Jun 10, 2024 02:31pm
If it was a common Pakistani citizen, his electricity would have been cut/meter taken away, if it was an Industrial unit, they would have taken bribe n allowed electricity, but no one can touch govt.
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Naeemullah Shah Jun 10, 2024 03:08pm
Now you know : 1- Why we are forced to purchase very expensive Power. 2- Why we have huge Circular Debt. 3. Why we need Thieves and Dacoits in power. We can easily determine our Future is Doomed.
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