LAHORE: A substantial decrease ranging from Rs500 to Rs600 has been registered in the price of a 10-kg flour bag across the province.

A 10 kg flour bag is now priced at Rs800 in the Lahore division compared to its previous rate, while it is available at Rs830 in Faisalabad division. Similarly, in Sargodha division, the price has been set at Rs800, while it is being retailed at Rs820 in Sahiwal division.

In Gujarat division, a 10 kg bag of flour is now sold for Rs850, and Rs860 in DG Khan Division. Likewise, in Bahawalpur division, the price stands at Rs870, while in Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and Multan divisions, a 10 kg flour bag is being retailed at Rs900.

This was informed at a high-level meeting chaired by Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin held Wednesday. The Minister claimed that the Punjab government has achieved a significant milestone in providing relief to the residents of the province by implementing a historic reduction in the price of flour bags throughout Punjab.

Bilal Yasin emphasized that the consistent availability of flour at a reduced price has alleviated the burden on a common man. He further noted that the reduction in flour prices has resulted in a decrease in the prices of Roti and Naan. The administration remains committed to ensuring that Roti and Naan are available at the prescribed rates across Punjab.

Yasin reiterated that providing relief to the common man remains the topmost priority of the Punjab government, and every possible measure is being taken to ensure the availability of affordable flour throughout the province.

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