LAHORE: Terming the pre-season camp in Kakul as highly successful, Pakistan captain Babar Azam said that this camp not only contributed to preparing the players for the long and challenging cricket season ahead but also strengthened unity and understanding amongst the group through strategically designed team bonding exercises and drills.

Babar Azam was joined by Aamer Jamal, Azam Khan, Imad Wasim, Naseem Shah and Shadab Khan in paying tribute to the facilities, atmosphere, and support of the highly trained and skilled instructors. They also believed the 11 days spent at the location will help them successfully overcome the demands of upcoming challenges and contribute in producing strong performances.

As many as 29 elite cricketers attended the pre-season camp at the historic and iconic Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul from March 26 to April 6, with the training and drills designed by Pakistan Army experts and strategists. During the camp, there was a focus on team building aimed to enhance the physical and mental strength of the players, ensuring they were in the best condition to face the challenges ahead.

Under the guidance of experienced trainers and coaches, the players underwent a comprehensive training regime tailored to elevate their fitness levels, agility, leadership, strategic thinking and overall performance on the field.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam said, “This was my third boot camp, and with each visit, I’ve gleaned new insights. This time, our focus extended beyond physical fitness to encompass team bonding activities and performance-improving lectures. These elements are crucial considering our team environment where collective performance is paramount for achieving desired results.”

Azam said, “The notable deviation from previous camps was the absence of cricket-centric activities. Instead, the emphasis was squarely on physical conditioning, teamwork and mental resilience. Immersed in such an inspiring facility, guided by top-notch instructors and a well-structured programme, all the players have experienced significant growth. I’m confident that we’ll return to competitive cricket as better, fitter and mentally tougher athletes, thereby enhancing our overall performance. Unlike our usual routine during other camps and international series, we engaged in confidence-building exercises and team-building activities. Notably, we opted to share rooms, facilitating deeper connections among team members. These shared spaces fostered discussions ranging from strategic planning and team combinations to the evolution of cricket, latest innovations in the sport, analysis of opponents and our approach to each day’s challenges.”

He said, “Given the upcoming cricket fixtures, this camp proves exceptionally valuable. It not only mitigates injury risks but also augments both individual skills and collective team performance.”

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