KARACHI: Alkhidmat Karachi on Tuesday appealed to the public for all their charities in holy Ramadan to help it financially carry out its welfare services.

Naveed Ali Baig the CEO for Alkhidmat made the appeal for Zakat, Sadaqah, Atiyah and Fitrah, seeking the public financial support for the charity organization's welfare work.

"Alkhidmat welfare services touched every facet of life, such as orphan care, clean water, healthcare, education, microfinance, disaster management and other community services," he said.

He also highlighted Alkhidmat efforts for the oppressed Palestinians, saying that tons of provisions worth millions of rupees have already been sent to Gaza and more goods will be dispatch shortly.

"Alkhidmat exemplary services during the recent floods when it conducted a successful relief and rehabilitation operation which was still continuing in the form of providing thousands of houses for the homeless," he added.

Over 50 Water filtration plants have already been set up in Karachi, helping the public benefit from high quality of potable water.

Alkhidmat is also running hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and an advanced diagnostic center equipped with advanced machines for providing healthcare at subsidized rates to the public, he said.

He added that Alkhidmat was supporting around 2,200 orphans and their families, and also running the Aghosh Homes project where more than 100 orphan children are being provided first-class residence as well as quality education, health and recreational facilities.

He also mentioned the Bano Qabil program under which thousands of boys and girls were being provided 100 percent free, advanced IT courses to help them establish their careers.

Besides, unemployed youth are being given vocational and technical training through the Skill Development Center, while deserving, small-time entrepreneurs are being provided interest-free loans on easy installments through the Mawakhat program to enable them to run their businesses and provide for their families.

He also highlighted Alkhidmat contribution to the Palestinians and to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Naveed Ali Baig underlined "Allah pleasure and acceptance as the sole purpose of Alkhidmat services and appealed to all Pakistanis to give their Zakat and other charity to Alkhidmat".

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