“A notification has been issued that Maryam Nawaz will not henceforth be referred to as Notification Maryam Nawaz (NMN).”

“Agreed, I reckon a notification appointing her as chief minister (CM) was issued.”

“I am not sure about that, but I strongly recommend that she be referred to as UTNM.”

“You mean CMNM…man, your keyboard is so out of whack!”

“Nope, I meant UTNM or Under Training Maryam Nawaz.”


“Parveen Rashid, The Trainer par excellence, was by her side, right side if you must know, and we know the tremendous Middlesex (English county) experience that was amassed by…”

“You really need to fix your keyboard now, its Parvez Rashid, and I think for years of service rendered he may get to be a senate member…”

“Speaking of service rendered, The samdhi…”

“Don’t compare apple and…and what’s the cheapest fruit on the market today?”

“Nothing is cheap these days, perhaps a tomato –it is a fruit right which nutritionists describe as a vegetable…”

“An apt analogy. Dar is not a Sharif but described as one…”

“I thought you were going to say Dar is an accountant, described as an economist by Nawaz Sharif.”

“Anyway, I was saddened that in spite of the Sharifs losing many seats because of his seriously flawed policies…”

“Hey, you say tomato the English way and I say tomato the American way.”

“And need I add, the tomato’s width is expanding because of the fertile soil that Nawaz Sharif provides him.”

“Don’t be facetious anyway my point is that in spite of the heavy political costs that the Sharifs have paid the guy did not offer to be without a portfolio…”

“Once you taste sugar, it is kinda addictive.”

“Even if you have diabetes?”

“You heard of insulin.”

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KU Mar 13, 2024 11:38am
Should be best described as ''Alice in wonderland'', and we might even see it coming true. Shivers.
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