LAHORE: In a recent meeting at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Mushaal Mullick, emphasized the crucial role of human rights implementation in ensuring global peace and stability. She drew attention to the alarming violations in Palestine and Occupied Kashmir, urging world leaders to address these issues.

The meeting, attended by LCCI officials including Senior Vice President Zafar Mahmood Chaudhry, highlighted the significance of the 100-day plan initiated by the Ministry of Human Rights. Mullick elaborated on the plan’s focus on eradicating gender-based violence and promoting women’s empowerment through various initiatives such as capacity building and gender equality measures.

LCCI President Kashif Anwar echoed Mullick’s sentiments, emphasizing the pivotal role of human rights in ensuring justice and peace. He condemned the genocide in occupied Kashmir and Palestine and underscored the importance of women’s participation in economic activities for national progress. Anwar highlighted the challenges faced by Pakistani women and emphasized the need for their recognition and empowerment.

The LCCI has been actively supporting women entrepreneurs through initiatives such as the Women Entrepreneurs Recognition Ceremony and the establishment of a Women Empowerment Lounge. Anwar stressed the importance of providing women with necessary training and support, including awareness seminars and sessions on economic issues. He also called for government support, including tax relief, to encourage women entrepreneurship.

Mullick further elaborated on the government’s 100-day plan, which includes provisions for women, transgender, and minority rights. She highlighted the formation of consultative committees on Kashmir and Palestine, aimed at addressing these pressing issues with input from experts and stakeholders. Mullick also urged businesses to promote transgender empowerment by employing at least one transgender individual.

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