KYIV: Russian shelling on Friday killed two people in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, while a drone attack by Kyiv in the Moscow-controlled east killed another two, officials said.

As the war approaches its second anniversary, both Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of killing dozens of civilians in a sharp escalation of attacks.

The head of the Kherson region Oleksandr Prokudin said the Russian army used artillery, striking a street.

“A woman died on the spot. A burnt body was also found in a car,” he said.

Smoke could be seen pouring out the burnt-out chassis of a car in a video he shared, along with what appeared to be debris from a crater on the ground.

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A Ukrainian drone killed two people and wounded six during an evacuation of injured people near the Russian-controlled city of Gorlivka, Russian-backed mayor Ivan Prikhodko said.

The drone hit an ambulance transportinging energy workers wounded in previous shelling, killing a paramedic and an energy worker in the nearby village of Gomivskyi, Prikhodko said.

Gorlivka has been under Russian occupation since 2014, when it was seized by Kremlin-backed separatists.


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