KARACHI: The rate of street crimes in Karachi has reportedly increased by approximately 11.11 percent in the year 2023 with over 90,000 incidents reported compared to the year 2022 where more than 80,000 cases were reported.

Karachi police released the data of street crimes for the year 2023 according to which more than 90,000 incidents were reported in the metropolis.

As per the reports, out of 90,000 incidents a total of 134 citizens were brutally murdered, hundreds injured over resisting robberies, while 411 civilians were killed in various incidents.

Moreover, more than 59,305 motorcycles and 2,336 cars were stolen and snatched, whereas, more than 28,000 citizens were deprived of mobile phones.

The report unveiled that in 2023, two banks were robbed, meanwhile, the cases of kidnapping and extortion increased last year with 17 incidents of kidnapping for ransom, and 50 cases of extortion were reported last year in Karachi.

It is pertinent to mention here that the street crime data released by police showed the deteriorated situation of law and order in Karachi with over 81,000 incidents in 2022.

The street crime record of Karachi stated that more than 81 incidents were reported this year. 52,000 motorcycles were stolen and snatched, whereas, 26,400 citizens were deprived of mobile phones.

More than 2,000 vehicles were stolen and snatched. The data also uncovered the poor performance of the police department in curbing crimes and recovering stolen or snatched assets.

According to the report, only 4,000 stolen assets were recovered including 2,900 motorcycles, 600 cars and 530 mobile phones.

Separately, the city’s lawyers have staged protest strike after the traffic police booked some lawyers in a case. The lawyers’ shutdown the City Courts’ gates denying entry to litigators in the court complex.

The lawyers’ strike has been resulted in deferral of hundreds of cases fixed for hearing by the courts. The prisoners from jails did not transport to courts for hearing of their cases.

Karachi Bar Association has demanded of the IG Police Sindh for an immediate withdrawal of the FIR registered against lawyers. A case has been filed at the City Court police station against lawyers’ accusing them of subjecting a traffic police official to torture.


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