PESHAWAR: TransPeshawar on Tuesday shared its annual performance report for the year 2023. This year marked a pivotal moment for the first of its kind, 3rd Generation BRT system in Pakistan. Notably, the system achieved an impressive ridership of approximately 80 million, contributing to a total ridership of 215 million since its inception in August 2020.

A noteworthy shift was observed in the gender dynamics of ridership, with women constituting 30% of the total commuters—a significant surge compared to the meager 2% estimated before the implementation of the BRT system.

Due to the increasing popularity and demand, the system is constantly expanding. CEO TransPeshawar, Dr Tariq Usman Saeed said, “Zu Peshawar is unwavering in its commitment to fostering inclusivity and embracing technological advancements.

These newly operational routes comprise a Super Express Route XER 15, linking Chamkani to Mall of Hayatabad, along with two Express routes—ER-12 (from Mall of Hayatabad to Shah Alam) and ER-16 (connecting Gulbahar Chowk to Nawab Market).

Additionally, two feeder routes have been introduced—DR-11 (connecting Mall of Hayatabad to Phase 6 terminal via Phase 1) and DR-04B (extending from Chamkani to Malik Saad Shaheed via Ring Road).

The number of daily passengers has hit a peak figure of 316,000, of which about 90,000 are women. About 234,000 Zu Cards were issued this year, which brings the total number of issued cards to 1.67 million.

In addition, for better facilitation of students, University Express Service was introduced on ER-12 and XER-15.

“This specialized service involves the strategic addition of extra buses during morning and afternoon rush hours on these routes, ensuring efficient and timely transportation tailored to the unique needs of the student community,” said Saddaf Kamil.

As Zu Peshawar gained popularity among the residents of Peshawar, the system was also acknowledged and appreciated on several global platforms.

Zu Peshawar bagged another international award this year, adding to its previous four international accolades. Zu Peshawar was selected as one of the five finalists for the World Resources Institute’s Prize for Cities award and was awarded a cash prize of USD 25000.

The Peshawar BRT System was also presented as a model bus rapid transit system at Mobilize Your City Conference in Manila.

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