ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) in collaboration with Transparency International Pakistan (TI-P) has organized a comprehensive training programme for Public Information Officers (PIOs) on proactive disclosure under Section 5 of the Right of Access to Information Act 2017.

The training was held at a local hotel here on Monday, aimed at capacity building of the information officers to effectively implement proactive disclosure provisions, ensuring greater transparency and accountability within the federal government.

The training brought together designated officers from various federal government departments, providing them with a thorough understanding of the key elements of proactive disclosure as outlined in the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2017.

Through interactive sessions and presentations, participants gained valuable insights into the legal framework, procedures, and best practices for proactive disclosure, empowering them to fulfil their obligations under the RTI Act 2017.

A panel of distinguished speakers, including Advocate Daniyal Muzaffar, Legal Advisor, Board of Trustee, TI Pakistan and Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui Chief Information Commissioner shared their expertise on various aspects of the RTI Act 2017, specifically focusing on proactive disclosure requirements and implementation strategies.

The training emphasized the importance of proactive disclosure in promoting transparency and accountability within government institutions.

By proactively publishing information of public interest, government bodies can enhance citizens’ access to information, foster trust and confidence, and strengthen public participation in decision-making processes.

Chief Information Commissioner Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on the occasion underscored the significance of the training program in empowering the information officers to become effective champions of proactive disclosure.

He expressed confidence that the enhanced knowledge and skills gained by the information officers would contribute to a more transparent and accountable federal government, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Pakistan.


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