ISLAMABAD: Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi has been re-designated as the Special Representative to the Prime Minister (SRPM) on Religious Harmony and Pakistani Diaspora in Middle East & Islamic Countries’.

Ashrafi, a prominent religious scholar and Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council has been serving as a bridge between the government and religious communities, both nationally and internationally. His re-designation to this crucial role underscores the trust and confidence the government places in his ability to foster relations with Islamic countries and promote religious coexistence within Pakistan.

Ashrafi, known for his deep knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence and his commitment to peaceful coexistence, has played a pivotal role in engaging religious leaders and scholars from various sects and schools of thought. His efforts have led to significant strides in minimizing sectarian tensions and promoting religious tolerance in Pakistan.

Ashrafi as the SRPM actively participated in diplomatic efforts to strengthen Pakistan’s ties with Middle Eastern and Islamic countries. He has been a key player in negotiations and dialogues aimed at resolving regional conflicts and promoting a peaceful resolution to ongoing issues.


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