KARACHI: Dates of Closure of Books and holding of Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary General Meetings of companies listed on the stock exchanges.

                                                              Dividend        C-2 Start           AGM/
Name of Company                          Book Closure          Bonus/           Date              EOGM
                                      From          To         Right          x-Price
Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim 
Limited#                            10-Aug-23   18-Aug-23                                    18-Aug-23
Engro Powergen Qadirpur 
Limited                             17-Aug-23   18-Aug-23      15% (i)        15-Aug-23
(HUBCSC2) The Hub Power
Company Limited @                   15-Aug-23   21-Aug-23
Nishat Power Limited#               9-Aug-23    22-Aug-23                                    22-Aug-23
KELSC6 (K-Electric Limited)         16-Aug-23   23-Aug-23
Engro Polymer & Chemicals 
Limited                             22-Aug-23   23-Aug-23      15% (ii)       18-Aug-23
Engro Polymer & Chemicals
Limited (pref)                      22-Aug-23   23-Aug-23      5% (ii)        18-Aug-23
Altern Energy Ltd..                 22-Aug-23   24-Aug-23      47% (i)        18-Aug-23
Lalpir Power Limited                23-Aug-23   24-Aug-23      150% (i)       21-Aug-23
Chashma Sugar Mills Limited.#       16-Aug-23   25-Aug-23                                    25-Aug-23
The Searle Company Limited $        21-Aug-23   25-Aug-23      31.13% (R)     17-Aug-23
Bank Alfalah Limited                23-Aug-23   25-Aug-23      30% (i)        21-Aug-23
Meezan Bank Limited                 24-Aug-23   25-Aug-23      40% (ii)       22-Aug-23
United Brands Limited #             23-Aug-23   29-Aug-23                                    29-Aug-23
First Punjab Modaraba               23-Aug-23   30-Aug-23      NIL                           30-Aug-23
Ghandhara Tyre & Rubber
Company Limited #                   24-Aug-23   31-Aug-23                                    31-Aug-23
PESC1 Pakistan Energy
Sukuk-PowerHolding Limited          25-Aug-23   31-Aug-23
Hascol Petroleum Ltd                25-Aug-23   31-Aug-23      NIL                           31-Aug-23
BIPLSC (BankIslami Pakistan 
Ltd.)                               30-Aug-23   31-Aug-23
Pakgen Power Limited #              19-Aug-23   1-Sep-23                                      1-Sep-23
Tariq Glass Industries 
Limited #                           26-Aug-23   1-Sep-23                                      1-Sep-23
Bestway Cement Limited              26-Aug-23   1-Sep-23       60% (F)        24-Aug-23       1-Sep-23
(MUGHALSC) Mughal Iron &
Steel Industries Limited            26-Aug-23   2-Sep-23
Tri-Star Mutual Fund 
Limited #                           28-Aug-23   4-Sep-23                                      4-Sep-23
Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan 
Limited #                           29-Aug-23   5-Sep-23                                      5-Sep-23
JSTFC11 (Jahangir Siddiqui 
&Co.Limited)                        30-Aug-23   6-Sep-23
Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited      31-Aug-23   7-Sep-23                                      7-Sep-23
Kohinoor Spinning Mills Ltd.        2-Sep-23    9-Sep-23                                      9-Sep-23
Century Paper & BoardMills 
Limited                             18-Sep-23   25-Sep-23                                    25-Sep-23
Lucky Cement Limited                16-Sep-23   26-Sep-23      180% (F)       14-Sep-23      26-Sep-23
Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd.           19-Sep-23   26-Sep-23      NIL                           26-Sep-23
PantherTyres Ltd.                   20-Sep-23   26-Sep-23      20% (F)        18-Sep-23      26-Sep-23
Mari Petroleum Company Limited      20-Sep-23   26-Sep-23      580% (F)       18-Sep-23      26-Sep-23
LuckyCore Industries Limited        20-Sep-23   26-Sep-23      330% (F)       18-Sep-23      26-Sep-23
Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) 
Ltd.                                22-Sep-23   29-Sep-23      50% (F)        20-Sep-23      29-Sep-23
Tata textile Mills Limited          12-Oct-23   19-Oct-23      30% (F)        10-Oct-23      19-Oct-23
MCB-Arif Habib Savings and
Investments Limited                 16-Oct-23   23-Oct-23      55% (F)        12-Oct-23      23-Oct-23
CrescentSteel & Allied 
Products Ltd.                       20-Oct-23   26-Oct-23      NIL                           26-Oct-23
TheOrganicMeatCompanyLimited                                   10% Bonus


Extra Ordinary General Meeting #

Final Book Closure @

Issuance of Right share including

a Premium of PKR 25/- per share $

Copyright Business Recorder, 2023


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