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PARTLY FACETIOUS: Zardari sahib doesn’t play computer games

“So are they playing the same game at least?” “I don’t think so. Nawaz Sharif has developed a game on video...
Published July 28, 2023

“So are they playing the same game at least?”

“I don’t think so. Nawaz Sharif has developed a game on video which gives brownie points to the developer…”

“How many brownie points out of a total of 100 say? Besides since when did he become adept at the computer to…”

“You know Mian sahib – out of a 100 the total for the developer is 51 and…”

“Dear Lord.”

“And he is not the one who is adept at the computer but he has hired someone…”

“For a man who hired an accountant four times to run the economy, a decision that is going to cost him many votes, is the developer at least computer literate?”

“That’s telling indeed. Anyway no other stakeholder is playing the game because they know the stakes are against all players. Anyway Zardari sahib doesn’t play computer games…”

“Not even those computer games that require street smarts?”

“Nope he plays card games…”

“But that would mean chance being a major factor.”

“Indeed in technical terms but in practical terms he doesn’t play without his own appointed croupier dealing out the cards…”

“Oh dear and The Man Who Must Remain Nameless?”

“He knows only cricket but a piece of advice to him: he has to give up bowling everyone out – that position is possible only when one is in government in politics, he should surrender the ball to The Others and…and…”

“The thieves and the…”

“The Others in capital letters, not in small letters my friend.”

“OK so you reckon he should start batting?”

“Right even though he wasn’t known as a batter yet there were times when he would hit a boundary or a six and win the game.”

“Hmmm, and The Maulana?”

“The Maulana is trying to get into the game, any game, but so far he is having trouble getting an invite to play.”

“Ah but when the cows come home to roost…”

“I thought it was the chickens who come home to roost.”

“You say tomaato the English way and I say tomato the American way.”


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KU Jul 28, 2023 02:07pm
Heads-up, we have more amendments coming out of the box, particularly on the anti-narcotics act and actors, guess this will keep you busy with short articles.
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Alex Jul 30, 2023 03:26pm
These dudes play only one game...the mega corruption Bonanza...corruption via cooperation of Generals...judges...bureaucrats...and Waderas! Like in video games the opposition is so easily neutralized!
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Sainjee Jul 31, 2023 10:29am
@Alex, The compromised generals have colonized the country as if they inherited this country from their fathers or it was dowry from their wives!
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