KARACHI: Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Altaf Shakoor here Sunday said that the slow pace of economy is not in favour of the economy, and the federal and provincial governments must allocate required resources and attention to this national cause.

He said due to hyperinflation electricity has now become too costly and beyond the reach of the common man. He said even a small family has to pay an electricity bill of thousands of rupees which is not possible. He said the only way to cope with this situation is to provide every household with the facility of solar power.

He said the present government was ambitious for making a solar Pakistan but now it seems that it is missing the focus and commitment.

He said solar panels should be provided to the poor families free of cost through Benazir Income Support Program and on interest free loan basis to low income families through banks.

Altaf Shakoor said there is an ample capacity to establish solar parks in the nook and corner of the country especially in its southern plain and desert areas. He said government through public private partnerships should establish mega solar parks in Balochistan, Sindh and South Punjab, besides all other suitable locations to generate cheap and clean electricity.

He said atomic and hydel energy is other cheapest sources for generating electricity. New dams and atomic power plants should be established with the cooperation of friendly countries, especially China. He said Pakistan needs to be made self-sufficient in energy and for this purpose the government has to redirect its priorities and policies.

He said rapid industrialization depends on availability of affordable energy. He said costly electricity and gas has already affected our exports. He said joblessness and poverty is on the rise which could be only checked with an ambitious rapid industrialization plan for which ample supply of cheap and clean alternative energy sources are a must.

He demanded of the federal and provincial governments to awake from deep slumber and pay full attention to solarisation of Pakistan on a fast track basis to end energy poverty from the country.

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