ISLAMABAD: The oil and gas regulator, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) blamed the federal government for hiking the gas meter monthly rent from Rs40 to Rs500.

In a statement, the regulator says that Ogra’s role is to determine the prescribed price of the SNGPL and the SSGCL, whilst category-wise consumer gas sale price is fixed by the federal government considering their socioeconomic agenda.

Minimum bill for gas consumers fixed at Rs500

“Federal government, in its recent sale price advice effective January 2023 has levied fixed charge to the tune of Rs460 for consumers whose average consumption exceeds 0.9 HM3”. However, consumers having lesser consumption shall not be burdened by this increase.

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Imran Kareem Apr 30, 2023 07:46am
You guyes Sharifs Zardari and Handlers enjoy the benefits of Kahta hay Kehlata beh hay.
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Muhammad Aumair Apr 30, 2023 05:46pm
Gas not provide so why bill paid for consumer customer
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Vasif Shinwari Apr 30, 2023 05:49pm
When we get our gas connection, we purchase the meter. Therefore why should we pay rent on something that we own? If SNGPL provides it for free, then rent would make some sense.
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Muhammad Usman Apr 30, 2023 09:29pm
@Vasif Shinwari, gas meter price is not included in demand notice. It has 4500 for security deposit and 1500 of serviceline
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Abc Apr 30, 2023 10:45pm
@Vasif Shinwari, no, you do not purchase the meter. You pay service line charges and security charges only.
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Rehan May 01, 2023 04:47am
How much the price of meter. It may collect at the time of connection to avoid such rent or extra charge
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Nisar May 01, 2023 09:21am
@Abc, great tatooo of govt
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Obhaimaromujhemaro May 01, 2023 08:00pm
We pay rent for something we own, only in the munafiq republic of pakistan
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Ramay. May 01, 2023 08:13pm
Extremly cruel price hike by pdm govt to collect imf loan for money laundering.
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Ali May 01, 2023 10:16pm
Lanti, harami , gourmenti
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Owais May 02, 2023 01:43am
Gas through pipes should not be supplied to rsdential customers due to gas in domestic sector is heavely subsidized and not economical for gas companies to deliver. LPG cylinders to be provided to domestic customers. Gas is very expensive and leakages theft and debts could be avoided if cylinder gas is used. In 250 or in 500 rupees how come gas could be sold to consumers it is un wise.
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Haq May 02, 2023 12:04pm
Mounting Circular Debt destroyed the entire energy sector; SSGC, SNGPL, LNG Terminals, Power Generation, CPPA, DISCOs, PSO & economy at large. Successive govts failed to materialize cheaper oil & gas imports via pipeline, from iran or Central Asia. Ever increasing corruption & state expenses can't be recovered by meter rents, taxes, duties, surcharges & tariff increase
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Fiaz May 08, 2023 12:30am
This govt of pdm is shit of our commod
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