LAHORE: Former senior minister Punjab and General Secretary Pakistan Peoples’ Party Central Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza on Sunday said that there is no harm if elections of both provincial assemblies and national assembly are held on same date.

While addressing a press conference at Central Punjab Secretariat Murtaza said that there is a need to improve the economy of the country instead of elections. He said inflation has become too high; problems have arisen due to increase in the prices of petroleum products.

He said Imran Khan had signed agreements with the IMF, which is the biggest reason of inflation in the country. He also said no one will give relief to the people except this government. Today, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is trying to bring people of Pakistan out from isolation and economic crisis. Even today, PPP is the biggest political party despite the injustices.

He dispelled the impression that PPP is weak in Central Punjab. In Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, people are joining PPP, it has become the number one party. PPP brought people together in South Punjab. PPP emerged as the largest party in the recently held local government elections in Karachi. PPP believes in good governance and work and has done great development works in the health sector in Karachi. He said media talks only about dog biting incidents in Thar and nobody talks about development work in Thar. PPP always played its role for development and peace in the country.”If development works are taken out from PPP, then nothing will be left,”

He alleged that Imran Khan put the autonomy of the country at stake by taking foreign funds. While responding to a question Hassan Murtaza said PTI chairman Imran Khan is accusing Former President Asif Ali Zardari without any proofs. Imran Khan should give proof of his allegation that Asif Ali Zardari hatched a plan for his assassination. He also said that Imran Khan’s “nonsensical rhetoric” is an attempt to remain politically relevant. Imran Khan was removed from office through vote of confidence which is a democratic way to change the government. Imran kept on changing his narrative every day. Imran is accusing military leadership and his followers are using abusive language against their opponents.

Murtaza said Zardari always tried to work together with everybody and saved the country from chaos. Murtaza said PPP will serve legal notice to Imran Khan for leveling baseless allegations on Zardari. Imran should prove it and who so ever is involved should be punished.

To a query, Murtaza said that no one should be arrested on political differences. If someone breaks the law and constitution he should be arrested. Fawad Chaudhry threatened the families of the Election Commission.

Murtaza said that Imran Khan’s narrative of accusing Asif Zardari shows that he is the follower of General Zia. He said today family of Bhutto is standing on one side and family of General Zia and General Ayub is on the other side.

Murtaza alleged that Imran Khan has no ideology and agenda; he came on external agenda which was pointed out by Edhi and Hakim Saeed. He also accused that Imran Khan has sold Kashmir. He should be accounted for.

He admitted that increasing prices of petroleum products is politically damaging the collation government. However, he said people should accept the difficult decision for the betterment of the country. He stressed his hope that very soon good time will come.

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