TEXT: Today the nation is celebrating 75th Independence Day with national spirit and enthusiasm. This marks the platinum jubilee of Pakistan. Our journey started 75 years ago as a proud nation.

Our beloved and God-gifted country was given to us with the motto of Kalma-e-Tuyiba in which we promised that we will build this country as a prodigious Islamic democratic country of the Muslim world. In the last 75 years, the country has faced serious economic and socio-economic problems that questioned our progress as a nation and fulfillment of our duties as compatriots.

For the previous seven decades, we have not only defended our homeland by fighting three wars with India but also made the country eminent throughout the world with our successful missile and nuclear programs. The nation will never forget its heroes like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Mohsin -e- Pakistan) and fearless martyred commanders like Major Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed). On this special occasion, since we are celebrating the platinum jubilee of Pakistan, we should not forget out real heroes who sacrificed their lives and those who have worked hard to build Pakistan as a global force. They deserve respect and the whole nation salutes their relentless efforts, and we pay great tribute to them.

Apart from that, we have proven to be a peaceful, sports, and culture-loving nation by winning more than thirty-five international titles in various sports including hockey, cricket, snooker, squash, and kabaddi. We celebrate Independence Day every year on August 14 with the pride that our ancestors crossed the river of blood and gained this homeland, and we will do everything for its protection, rising, and development. The overwhelming successes and failures of the country have put us at an avenue where we need to revive our commitment again. If we look at our post-independence journey, there was no shortage of resources in our country, apart from petrol, natural gas, and precious metals.

Pakistan has a rich history of natural resources which includes reserves of salt, coal, iron, gold, and silver in which mines like Reko Diq and Saindak are also included. If these natural resources are extracted and utilized properly, the destiny of this country can turn around.

Geographically Pakistan is situated in a very vital position. And Neighbors like China and Iran can play a dynamic role in the progress of our country through trade and investment. China has already started its investment in Pakistan through the ambitious project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project needs to be utilized and implement in a very proper manner. Similarly, if the way is paved for an open trade agreement with Iran its oil and gas resources can also assist in the progress of our economy.

The country is also producing a large amount of gold. Since its independence, Pakistan has progressed in many areas like sports, information technology, artificial intelligence, science, technology, etc. There has never been a lack of talent in Pakistan and the only thing that needs to be addressed is the arduous work, dedication, and honesty. The biggest example for us in that regard is China which gained independence from the British Empire a year after us and when it began its journey towards development, its condition was bad, more than half of its people were opium addicted.

China's determination toward prosperity and progress has ended those evils forever which were a hindrance in their way. Today China became an economically developed country while it has the world's highest resources. China has made this development by following the simple quote of our father of nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that work, work, and only work. As a nation, we too can progress to follow the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to commit to the government and public level that we will work hard and dedicatedly in every sector. If we look at the modern world, we still have a place in it.

The world knows us because of having a strong army, we have importance in other fields, and we need to follow the way which leads towards prosperity and development. If we want to be economically stable, we must make tough decisions keeping in mind the national interests. The effortless way for that is to familiarize a corruption-free economic system. For introducing a corruption-free economic system, we must not adopt other country systems, but it should be modeled keeping in view the objective conditions of the country and it should be implemented with enthusiasm.

Until and unless we make a comprehensive plan for the development of the country we cannot stand in the ranks of a developed nation. Therefore, on the 75th Independence Day of the country, it is necessary to commit that we would work together for the betterment of our beloved country. This can be possible when the government officials, the rulers, and the peoples of the country are ready to create a society free from corruption. The nation that has worked with honesty day and night like China has kissed its feet.

Therefore, as a nation, we must repeat the same lesson. In the past, we were the fastest growing nation in Asia. Scholars know that in the 1960s and 1970s Pakistan was one of the fastest growing countries. Our downfall began in the 1980s and 1990s when we started taking loans from International financial institutions and pledged ourselves to these institutions. Now the situation is quite tense in terms of finance. Even now we can improve our situation if we work diligently and set a clear path.

On the 14th, August 1947 Allah gave us freedom from the British Empire, let the nation pledge to revive efforts for the development, prosperity, and progress of the country with dedication and honesty.

(The writer is Media Consultant his email is [email protected]).

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