PESHAWAR: Prices of essential food commodities, including live chicken/meat, cooking oil/ghee, flour, vegetables, pulses, packed, milk powder and others remained unchanged despite the reduction in fuel prices.

A weekly survey carried out by Business Recorder here on Sunday, it was witnessed that the prices have remained ‘sky-rocketed’ despite claims of government’s relief measures and cut down fuel prices in the last week.

One-kilogram live chicken/meat was being sold at Rs185/- per kilogram, while despite hot and humid weather, a dozen of farm eggs were available at Rs190-200 in the local market, the survey observed.

Flour prices were on the rise in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) as the Punjab government has stopped supplying wheat and flour to the province, it was witnessed. At present, a 20kg flour bag is being sold for Rs1,900 while it is feared that the rate will soon reach to Rs2,200.

Sabir Bangash, provincial chairman of the Flour Mills Association, said that the supply of flour from Punjab was halted on July 7, due to which prices have steadily been rising in KP. He expressed fear that the crisis could escalate if the Punjab government did not lift the ban.

The survey noticed despite the government’s claims of reduction in edible oil prices, and cut down fuel prices, prices of cooking oil and ghee were remained steady in the local market, as available from Rs250-300 per kg and litre, and Rs450-500 and Rs560 per kg and litre.

According to the survey, the prices of vegetables are becoming costlier in the local market. A one-kilogram ginger is being sold at Rs350-400 per kilogramme, while garlic at Rs250-300 per kg.

Similarly, the onion is available at Rs 70-80 per kg. Amid hot and humid weather, lemon prices have touched new heights, as being sold at Rs350 per kg,. A one-kilogram tomato is available at Rs60-70 per kg, it noted.

Likewise, prices of other veggies were risen sharply in local market, according to survey, a one-kilogram arvi is being sold at Rs120 per kg, capsicum at Rs100-120 per kg, cauliflower at Rs100 per kg, cabbage at Rs90 per kg, ladyfinger at Rs120 per kg, kado (long gourd) at Rs100 per kg, tori at Rs100 per kg, karela (bitter gourd) at Rs70-80 per kg, red coloured potatoes at Rs90-100 per kg while white-coloured potatoes at Rs70-80 per kg.

Cucumber is being sold at Rs50-60 per kg, green-chili at Rs120-150 per kg, while Spanish was available at Rs15-20 per bundle, bringjal at Rs60 per kg, and tinda at Rs100 per kg. Fresh milk is being sold at Rs170 per kg, while yogurt at Rs150-160 per kg and Rs190 per kg in the local market. Sugar is being sold at Rs 100-105/- per kg in the local market, it added.

The survey noticed prices of pulses were witnessed. A good quality (sela) price is being sold Rs250 per kg while low –quality rice was available at Rs200-220 per kg, dal mash at Rs320 per kg, dal masoor at 280 per kg, dal chilka (black) Rs300 per kg, dal chilka (green) Rs200 per kg, moonge at Rs200 per kg, dhoti dal at Rs180 per kg, dal channa at Rs220 per kg, white lobiya at Rs220/240 per kg, gram flour (baisen) at Rs160-180 per kilogramme, moonge at Rs220-240 per kg.

Fruit prices have touched a new peak in the local market, the survey observed. Bananas are selling at Rs 100-120 per dozen, apricot at Rs200-300 per kg, plums at Rs200-250 per kg, melons at Rs60-80 per kg, watermelon at Rs80 per kg, muskmelon at Rs 200-300 per piece, cherry at Rs 400-500 per kg, pomegranate at Rs 200-250, green-coloured mango at Rs150 per kg and other Rs.200 per kg.

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