KARACHI: Dates of Closure of Books and holding of Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary General Meetings of companies listed on the stock exchanges.

                                                           Dividend        BC-2 Start           AGM/
Name of Company                       Book Closure          Bonus/            Date              EOGM
                                   From          To         Right          Ex-Price
(BAFLTFC7) Bank Alfalah Ltd       5-Jul-22    15-Jul-22
Gulshan Spinning Mills Ltd #      11-Jul-22   18-Jul-22                                    18-Jul-22
Paramount Spinning Mills Ltd #    11-Jul-22   18-Jul-22                                    18-Jul-22
(CNERGYSC) Cnergyico
PK Ltd                            12-Jul-22   18-Jul-22
Nestle Pakistan Ltd #             8-Jul-22    19-Jul-22                                    19-Jul-22
Hashimi Can Company Ltd #         15-Jul-22   22-Jul-22                                    22-Jul-22
Dolmen City REIT                  21-Jul-22   23-Jul-22    4.1% (F)        19-Jul-22
Cnergyico PK Ltd #                18-Jul-22   25-Jul-22                                    25-Jul-22
Hinopak Motors Ltd                20-Jul-22   28-Jul-22    NIL                             28-Jul-22
AGP Ltd #                         21-Jul-22   28-Jul-22                                    28-Jul-22
Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd #  22-Jul-22   28-Jul-22                                    28-Jul-22
K-Electric Ltd #                  23-Jul-22   29-Jul-22                                    29-Jul-22
Exide Pakistan Ltd                23-Jul-22   29-Jul-22    NIL                             29-Jul-22
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd    26-Jul-22   29-Jul-22    50% (F)         22-Jul-22       29-Jul-22
Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd      29-Jul-22   5-Aug-22     NIL                              5-Aug-22


Extra Ordinary General Meeting #

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