ISLAMABAD: The metropolis is facing an increase in the number of car-lifting, snatching incidents as 37 people have been deprived of their two and four-wheelers during the last week.

According to the data gathered, auto thieves stole or snatched 28 motorbikes and nine cars from the jurisdictions of various police stations in the past seven days.

Similarly, in the same period, armed robbers snatched 18 mobiles and deprived five people of their cash and other valuables in various localities.

Six cases of robbery were also reported to different police stations during the last week.

The motorbikes stolen or snatched during the last week bore registration numbers, AVY-344 belongs to Sohail Iqbal, a bike belongs to Raja Muhammad, RIW-6100 belongs to Muhammad Farooq, RIV-7970 belongs to Muhammad Naeem, BGL-249 belongs to Muhammad Usama, BKK-1268 belongs to Adnan Haider, lifted a bike belongs to Syed Safeer Hussain Shah, AWM-213 belongs to Muhammad Ghulam, BRJ-444 belongs to Abdul Qayyum, a bike belongs to Naseer Ullah Khan, RIQ-5627 belongs to Muhammad Atif, BAL-089 belongs to Muhammad Farooq, GTO-1430 belongs to Sajjad Kiyani, RIN-15 belongs to Muhammad Shoaib, AZQ-530 belongs to Suleiman Khan, ACL-836 belongs to Muhamad Adnan, a bike belongs to Muhammad Waseem, a bike RIV-3357 belongs to Jamil Akhtar, BIQ-699 belongs to Saifullah, BRN-511 belongs to Yashir Ahmed, AGP-188 belongs to Usama Naseem, a bike belongs to Shafqat Allah, MNV-4780 belongs to Saqib Bashir, F-KPK-9062 belongs to Khalid Pervaiz, BRQ-573 belongs to Ahmad Hassan, STN-1+686 belongs to Syed Masood Hussain, RIZ-3825 belongs to Tuqeer Ahmed, and BMR-230 belongs to Amanat Masih.

The cars stolen or snatched bearing registration number BA-426 belongs to Afzal Tahir, AMJ-823 belongs to Muhammad Ali, LEA-6781 belongs to Malik Ehlaq, a car belongs to Rizwan Inyat, KS-298 belongs to Tayyab Nawaz, BB-59 belongs to Kaleem Khan, a car belongs to Muhammad Ahmad, BRD-1552 belongs to Muhammad Shehzad, and a car AQG-546 belongs to Taj Muhammad Khan during the last week.

The most favourite areas for the criminal gangs were within the limits of Koral, Khanna, Secretariat, BharaKahu, and Aabpara police stations.

During the last week, Koral police station registered three cases each of carjacking and mobile snatching, two cases of snatching cash at gunpoint and one case of robbery. Three armed persons snatched a mobile phone and cash from Umair Ahmed.

During another incident, two armed persons snatched Rs2600000 from Adil Akram at gunpoint.

Furthermore, armed persons snatched cash and a mobile phone from Chaudhry Muhammad Zaheem. Two armed persons snatched a mobile phone and cash from Saman Kaiynat. During another incident, armed persons snatched a mobile phone, and cash from Waqas Farooq at gunpoint in the limits of Koral police station.

During the last week, Khanna police station registered seven cases of auto theft, two cases of mobile snatching and one case of snatching at gunpoint. Two armed persons snatched a mobile phone from Atif Razaq, Adnan Ali, and Muhammad Ashgar in different localities.

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