Russian invasion of Ukraine must be stopped immediately: COAS Bajwa

  • Despite legitimate security concerns, Moscow's aggression against a smaller country cannot be condoned, says Pakistan's army chief
Published April 2, 2022

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa said on Saturday that Russia's invasion of Ukraine must be stopped immediately, saying that its aggression against a smaller country cannot be condoned.

Addressing the Islamabad Security Dialogue on Saturday, the COAS expressed deep concern over the conflict in Ukraine, calling it "unfortunate".

"Despite legitimate security concerns of Russia, its aggression against a smaller country cannot be condoned," the COAS said. He further said that due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine thousands of people had been killed, millions made refugees, and "half of Ukraine was destroyed".

Russian logistics hub ablaze, Moscow blames Ukraine

The conflict gives hope to smaller countries that they can still defend their territory with smaller but agile forces against aggression by a bigger country by carrying out selective modernatisation of equipment, he added.

He continued that Pakistan has consistently called for an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, adding that Islamabad supports immediate dialogue between all sides to find a lasting solution to the conflict.

The army chief said that the continuation or expansion of the conflict would not serve the interests of any side, least of all the developing countries which would continue to face socio-economic costs of the conflict, which he added, could "easily get out of hand".

We expect India to provide evidence to ensure Pakistan and the world community that their weapons are safe and secured: COAS

He noted that Pakistan had enjoyed excellent defence and economic relationships with Ukraine since its independence, but relations with Russia were "cold" for a long time because of numerous reasons. However, some positive developments in this regard have taken place recently, he added.

Supersonic missile: FO raises questions over India’s delayed response

On Afghanistan, the army chief said Pakistan continues to work closely with the international community to pursue peace and stability in Kabul, adding that "sanctions and lack of financial flows were creating a humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country".

"It is our collective responsibility towards the Afghan people to ensure timely and adequate humanitarian aid flows into the country.

An unstable Afghanistan would result in spillover effects, seminar told

"While the world, especially the West, was preoccupied with the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, we must ensure that 40m Afghans who faced terrible conditions are not forgotten," he said.

General Bajwa warned that the consequences of our inability to address the humanitarian crisis will lead to a refugee crisis and will again make Afghanistan an epicentre of terrorism where "the Islamic State with its global agenda flourishes and may result in more than one 9/11".

"While Pakistan shares some of the concerns of the international community, we believe disengagement with Afghanistan is not an option," the army chief added.

'Pakistan does not believe in camp politics'

General Bajwa also said that Pakistan was positioning itself as a "melting pot" for international economic interests by focusing on connectivity and friendship.

"Pakistan does not believe in camp politics and our bilateral relations with our partners are not at the expense of our relationships with other countries.

"Pakistan enjoys a close strategic relationship with China demonstrated by our commitment towards the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

"Equally, we share a long history of excellent strategic relationship with the US which remains our largest export market."

He stated that Pakistan seeks to broaden its ties with both countries without impacting relations with the other.

The COAS added that relations with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Gulf countries, South East Asia and Japan were also important for Pakistan's progress.

'India should provide evidence'

While talking about the recent landing of an Indian supersonic cruise missile inside Pakistan territory, the COAS said this raises serious questions about India's ability to manage and operate high end weapon systems.

He added that the neighbouring country's "indifferent attitude" in not informing Pakistan immediately about the inadvertent launch was equally concerning.

"We expect India to provide evidence to ensure Pakistan and the world community that their weapons are safe and secured," he said.

The army chief said Pakistan continues to believe in using diplomacy and dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues with India including the Kashmir dispute.

Pakistan is ready to move forward on this front if India also agrees to do so, he added.


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Javaid Saadat Apr 02, 2022 12:56pm
What IK failled to do. Bajwa had accomplished that: he denounced Russian Aggression against Ukrine?
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Owais Apr 02, 2022 01:34pm
what non-sense !!
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Honest Apr 02, 2022 02:22pm
Another man bought by the USA
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Yasir Apr 02, 2022 11:31pm
Does COAS represent ministry of foreign affairs. He is overstepping just to please USA.
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Farooq Khan Apr 03, 2022 03:42am
He orchestrated this whole mess. Shame on him.
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samir sardana Apr 03, 2022 05:27am
The Oracle has spoken And thus,the nail has been dug into the government of the IMK The Philo of the USA is that - Russia will always be closer to India than Pakistan - and so,it is an affront to the US and its investment that Pakistan - its stat ally is making a tectonic shift AND BUYING RUSSIAN DISC OIL ! India has always the lapdog of Russia, aspiring to be in the US axis, and living in the fantasy of thinking that, they have both the poles covered. Sooner or later,Pakistan will have to decide between,the US or PRC + RUSSIA.dindooohindoo
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