"Our Interior Minister sheikhrashid..."

"Hey do not defy the rules of the language - any name is in capitals so it should be Sheikh Rashid and if you are averse to capital letters than interior minister can be technically I suppose in small letters."

"Oh sorry, I just thought that instead of saying that even the banana lover Rehman Malik, who will always claim he is eating a banana even if he isn't..."

"Don't be facetious, I have it on good authority that Rehman Malik likes a submarine sandwich the best..."

"The problem with you is you are very literal - try to think figuratively - anyway when Malik went after the currency speculators the value of the rupee strengthened and when Sheikh Rashid went after the speculators the rupee lost value further..."

"It's because The Khan, irritated no end by..."

"You know if I was The Khan I would be irritated too. I mean all these references to magic and istakhara must be extremely annoying and..."

"Well that too, but I was thinking of constant references to the hybrid system - I mean that must irritate him..."

"And because of the irritation he has done a Nawaz Sharif?"

"Well not quite - I mean Nawaz Sharif did a Nawaz Sharif because his progeny was reportedly involved, in The Khan's case there is really no reason to be irritated because he was on the same page as..."

"So what happened?"

"Just because someone reads faster than you doesn't mean that you get irritated. I mean one should be reasonable. In cricket you don't need to do speed reading but in all other professions the quicker you read the better prepared you are."

"Hmmm, so what next?"

"Next is taintain fish as our most philosophically erudite interior minister is wont to say."

"Tain being a railway station somewhere in Scotland!"

"Don't be facetious."

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