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Partly Facetious: A weapon of the past

“How many times must the cannon balls fly before they are forever banned?” “Hey our army has the most...
Published February 10, 2021

“How many times must the cannon balls fly before they are forever banned?”

“Hey our army has the most technologically advanced equipment in the world and cannon balls as you very well know is a weapon of the past.….”

“I wasn’t referring to our military preparedness.”

“Oh so why did you think of cannon balls?”

“Let me cite a few verses of the song - How many oceans does a white dove have to fly over before she can rest on dry land? How long can a mountain be around before it crumbles into the ocean?”

“OK I get the picture but wasn’t Dylan referring to war and oppression….wait are you referring to what is happening in Myanmar today?”

“No actually what I am referring to is what happened in Islamabad high Court on Monday.”

“Oh that reminds me what happened to the storming of the Hospital in Lahore?”

“Right and what happened after many judges were slapped around in many courts around the country….”

“Ah I get where you are going with that song! And Dylan’s answer to his question was that the answer is blowing in the wind….”

“I would urge The Khan to take decisive action….”

“Even The Khan’s own team of extremely vocal lawyers’ have not uttered a word on the incident…”

“His team of lawyers’ is working diligently on ordinances and…wait…is Musharraf’s case being heard in any court…”

“Where does that come in?”

“Farogh Naseem always resigns to argue in favour of Musharraf.”

“I forgot yes that is true anyway The Khan is on the same page as the establishment so I would urge The Khan not to use the police, wary after being manhandled by those throwing the cannon-balls and….”

“The establishment learnt a very valuable lesson during Musharraf’s last months….”

“I agree – I guess in this instance the page in question is not that of a book but of a newspaper and the columns and the space in between is as far away as is possible…”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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