The Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (IBA-CEIF) has announced a one-day intermediate level course on “Compliance Challenges in Trade Finance of IFIs".

The course is designed for Trade Finance related staff involved in compliance with various regulations, including anti money laundering & countering of terrorist financing (AML/CFT). The participants will learn the pitfalls and the ways of avoiding them with cases from around the globe. The course will be held on January 23, 2020 at IBA City Campus.

Key objective of the course are to understand State Bank of Pakistan's Framework on Managing Risk of Trade Based Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing and the various risks involved in Trade Finance with respect to compliance with various local and international regulations. The course will also cover that the Know your customer (KYC) mechanics in Trade Finance and the various red flags and ways of identifying Trade based money laundering, besides identifying the mechanics of countering the money laundering.

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