Armed forces, nation to effectively respond to enemy: Rashid

Associated Press of Pakistan September 7, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Saturday said armed forces and the nation under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan would effectively respond to the enemy.

Talking to media, he said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his foolish steps had created new opportunities for Pakistan and Kashmiris.

He said Kashmiris would succeed in their efforts to achieve freedom from India.

The minister said India made a lot of noise that its space rover would land on the moon but it was a disappointment for its scientists and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to face embarrassment.

Modi would fail in his game plan to create hegemony and domination of Hindutva in the region, he added. The minister said Pakistan’s scientists were the best in the world.

Pakistan’s navy, army and air force and their weapons, aircrafts and missile technology was the best in the world. India could not compete with the scientists of Pakistan, he remarked.

He said armed forces and nation of Pakistan were great and India would be taught such a lesson that it would remember it.

He said Modi was acting like Hitler and had unleashed oppression in Indian held Kashmir and stopped food and medicine.

The steps taken by Modi in Kashmir were foolish, unwise and dictatorial, he said adding Modi was trapped by his own decisions.


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