Only political solution would serve Kashmir: Dr Sheikh

Nayyer H. Zuberi August 8, 2019

KARACHI: Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) Vice Chairman Party Policies Dr Abu-Bakar Sheikh has said that the day of August 5 would be remembered as the darkest day in the history of India and its anti-Kashmir policy would backfire soon, as only a political solution would serve Kashmir and Kashmiris.

In a statement here Thursday, he said that during last five years the wrong policies of Modi had only harmed India and its economy greatly.

He said neither Hindus could be artificially settled in the occupied Kashmir and nor the fundamental rights of Kashmiris could be suppressed.

PDP leader said due to the wrong policies of Modi government, the Kashmir Issue is getting more and more complicated.

The Kashmiris want the right of plebiscite so that their issue could be settled politically and peacefully, he added.

He said the policy of giving monetary benefits to Muslims in exchange of their sovereignty has failed in whole world and Palestine is a clear example of this.

Dr Abu-Baker said the demonization of money by Modi on November 8, 2016 has harmed Indian economy and their people. He said to divert attention of Indian masses from this issue Modi is now playing a dirty game in occupied Kashmir.

He said the upper caste Hindus are also not happy with Modi and his policies would ultimately fail.

He said the steps of US President Trump in Europe, Russia, Palestine, North Korea and Iran have not given the desired results, and the nefarious designs of Modi Trump for occupied Kashmir would also fail.

He advised the occupation army of India to refrain from atrocities on Indian Muslims, particularly Kashmiris.

He said this is purely a political issue and Sikhs and Indian army should not meddle into it.

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