Use Gas appliances carefully: Rescue 1122      

Fawad Maqsood December 7, 2018

RAWALPINDI: Rescue 1122 has appealed the public to use gas appliances carefully to avoid unpleasant accidents.

According to a public message issued by Rescue 1122 on Friday, due to prevailing crisis of gas shortage many residents use compressor to suck in more gas to increase its flow, terming it dangerous and advised not to use illegal practices to avoid mishaps.

Spokesman said most of the incidents took place because of the gas leakage during the night when people went to bed while leaving the gas accessories on.

The spokesman advised the consumers to switch off all the gas heaters and stoves before sleeping so that blasts / financial losses could be avoided.

Last winter, 46 gas leakage blasts had been reported in which precious lives were perished and millions of rupees burnt to ashes due to carelessness and negligence while using the gas appliances.

Citizens are advised to take extra care while using gas appliances and dial emergency number 1122 in case of any mishap.

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