Neon introduces electric M3 motorcycle in Pakistan

Ali Ahmed August 17, 2018

Neon, the Pakistan-based motorcycle assembler, has introduced an all electric Neon M3 motorbike in Pakistan. The macho looking sports bike comes with emission free noiseless features.

Neon M3 is part of the company’s efforts to promote eco-friendly motorcycles in the country. Here are the features of this Made in China product.


As per the company, Neon M3 comes packed with a 2,000-watt motor, which can run to 85kmph, while attaining maximum speed of about 90kmph. The M3 battery and motor comes with a 1-year warranty claimed the company.


The muscular looking M3 comes with dual piston caliper breaks on both front and the back, added with digital instrumental cluster gauge is equipped on the top. The automatic motorcycle also features DRL( Daytime Running Light) LED lights and run on tubleless tires. Whereas, rearview mirrors provide the wider vision and minimize blind spots.


Coming to the equally essential safety features, Neon comes with a lock/unlock remote. A refreshing feature in M3 is its built-in alarm that goes off if the rider forgets to remove the stand before riding the bike, it also keeps the bike in standstill position.


Neon claims that M3 will take 6 hours to charge 100pc taking the rider 50km on a single go. The motorcycle will also shut down automatically if the battery level drops below 20 percent, after giving indication. The remaining can be used as reserve battery.


Neon M3 comes with the basic price tag of Rs 128,000.

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  • 5 responses to “Neon introduces electric M3 motorcycle in Pakistan”

    1. M yousaf haroon says:

      Bike is apsuluitly good but price is so much I advise its price be come under 80000 it will gain best businesses

    2. Hamza says:

      No one is going to buy this beacuse its price is too high every pakistani need a cheap price bike

    3. Syed Farhan Nasim says:

      I think price is little high side. It may be round about Rs 100,000/-. Looks good.

    4. Fail, Producer should understand:

      1. Minimum ride of a person without next charging will be more than 50km so fear of Shutting it down in the way can create a big problem.

      2. 6 hours charging can’t be possible due to loadshedding in Pakistan.

      3. Price is too high, Any one will preffer alternatives that are way better than this.

      4. Mechanic will hardly available if a repair is required.

      5. There are many mistakes in product design.

    5. Mueneb says:

      From where we will get this bike

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