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Just as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its place in the world, a Pakistani company too, keeping up with the technology, has created an artificially intelligent journalist.

In collaboration with software engineers from the NED University, BaseH, Karachi based IT company, has launched an Artificial Intelligent Content Writer for the first time and has named it Dante. The newly created robot journalist has already been used for writing Pakistan Stock Exchange closing reports. According to the company, soon it would be able to write small news reports by gathering information from local and international news outlets.

Artificial Intelligence to replace humans

As per Technology Review, “Our focus at the moment is media houses that can produce endless content with the same staff and in practically no time. The Dante A.I. writer has the capability to pick up the style of writing where it is being deployed. Furthermore, it can quickly adapt to new writing styles and set of editorial policies or preferences.”

The stories written by Dante were sent to experienced journalists in Pakistan for feedback. One of them said that he could not tell the difference between a human-written story or a robot-written news story.

BaseH believes that their AI content writer might be used as an additional resource by TV channels, newspapers and blogs, also providing a kind of relief to editors and reporters, wrote Tech Juice.

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