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imageDUBAI: Dubai is bringing far beyond your expectations the world its first rotating skyscraper by 2020.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher proposed the Dynamic Tower a 420-metre, 80-floor rotating skyscraper back in 2008. It was proposed back in the day as the worlds first pre-fabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor. It appears like the plan has finally met approval.

Each floor of the building will be made in a way that it will rotate independently (maximum of 6 meters per minute). The shape of the tower will change as it will rotate. It is noteworthy that the wind turbines and solar panels will transfer power to the rotating tower. Fisher further added that these turbines and solar panels can generate up to 1,200,00 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The main advantage of living in the revolutionary tower is; youll able to watch the sunrise and sunset from the same window. Each apartment costs $30 million.

In Dubai, the worlds biggest indoor theme park and the worlds tallest building, Dubai may also soon be home to the worlds first rotating skyscraper.

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