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imageDONETSK: One civilian was killed and five injured in shelling in east Ukraine's rebel-controlled city of Donetsk over the past day, local authorities said Wednesday.

Heavy shelling hit the Kirov and Kalinin districts southwest and north of the city centre on Tuesday and throughout the night, although Wednesday appeared calmer, AFP correspondents said.

“One civilian was killed due to the fighting, and five more received injuries” on Tuesday, Donetsk city hall said.

Although fighting between Kiev's forces and pro-Russian rebels has been less intense since they signed a ceasefire on September 5, several locations are seeing near daily crossfire, including Donetsk airport.

More than 3,700 people have been killed in the conflict since April, according to UN figures. At least 600,000 people have also been displaced from their homes in eastern Ukraine, with a third of them going to Russia.

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