LAHORE: Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has announced a ‘national movement’ following Eid to uphold the supremacy of the constitution and law.

Talking to media persons in Mansoorah, following the conclusion of a two-day session of the JI Majlise Shura, he outlined a comprehensive national agenda for the movement, crafted in consultation with the Shura.

Rehman emphasised the necessity of wide-ranging electoral reforms and the timely completion of the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project. He underscored the importance of electoral transparency, demanding that election results be compiled based on Form 45. He categorically stated that JI would never recognise a government formed through fraudulent elections, advocating for the restoration of the people’s true mandate as reflected in Form 45. There is no need for the fresh election, he said.

Regarding government attempts to control social media, Rehman issued a stern warning, condemning measures such as the Punjab Defamation Act aimed at stifling freedom of expression. He asserted that the JI’s movement seeks to liberate people from oppressive systems, emphasizing the need for all individuals, including politicians, judges, generals, and bureaucrats, to operate within the constitutional framework as the only viable path forward for the nation.

Rehman lamented the deterioration of the industrial and agricultural sectors under the different regimes, noting the skyrocketing costs of agricultural inputs, which have become unaffordable for small-scale farmers. He criticized the government’s refusal to purchase wheat from farmers, resulting in significant losses for growers. He reiterated that the JI’s movement aims to uplift farmers and revive industry.

He emphasised the pivotal role of youth and women in driving forward the national movement. He underscored the injustice faced by women, highlighting their deprivation of inheritance rights and the prevalent workplace harassment they endure. He articulated one of the objectives of the JI’s movement as the restoration of women’s rights.

Additionally, he advocated for an equitable education system accessible to all, condemning the government’s policies that hinder educational opportunities. He pledged the JI’s commitment to nationwide expansion of its Banoo Qabil Programme, aimed at empowering women across the country.

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