KARACHI: Requesting for 76% increase in base tariff to Rs44.69 per unit from existing base tariff of Rs34 per unit will lead to already existing higher electricity bills for consumers to a painful situation; another power shock, said Ateequr Rehman (economic & financial analyst).

Moreover, if we look at the bill, the charges have been assorted in different categories like variable charges, uniform quarterly adjustment (with various periodicals), additional surcharge, electricity duty, sales tax, further tax, extra tax, income tax and then another tariff hike is like an upsetting situation under rising cost.

Consequently, exorbitant increase in rates changes the slabs, hence converting the total bill as unbearable and most difficult to pay.

Under such circumstances when household is suffering, Pakistanis and specially Karachites are battling with personal budget, slow earnings and increase in energy tariff. This is like havoc, added Ateeq.

Since economy is passing through a severe crisis, production cost and soaring inflation. Industrialization has become a dream, too. To keep the wheels moving the government should rationalized taxes on energy sector, restrain from imposing further taxes and raising the cost of electricity.

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