LAHORE: The Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) on Saturday has expressed its concern over the Punjab government’s decision to establish more universities in the province.

While acknowledging the importance of providing education in backward areas, PUASA President Dr. Amjad Abbas Khan Magsi emphasized that instead of establishing a university in every district, there is an urgent need to increase the efficiency of the universities established at the division level by providing them with the required resources.

Dr. Magsi highlighted that the universities are in dire need of immediate assistance, particularly in the context of the Prime Minister’s education emergency program.

Dr. Magsi warned that if the government does not take immediate practical measures to address the issues faced by public universities, a large population of Pakistan will be deprived of higher education.

He noted that education, especially higher education, has always been neglected in Pakistan, resulting in the country lagging behind its neighboring countries in various fields.

He pointed out that existing universities are facing administrative and financial problems, which has led to stagnant research and an inability to play a role in societal development.

Government universities are the primary means of providing higher education to a large part of the country’s youth population, and they are constantly suffering from government neglect.

Dr. Magsi emphasized the need to ensure the provision of necessary resources to these universities so that they can play an active role in providing quality education to the young population.

Instead of focusing solely on increasing the number of universities, the Punjab government should prioritize improving the condition of already established universities.

This would help eliminate elements like frustration and hopelessness among the young population and make it possible to provide quality education in the field of higher education.

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