ISLAMABAD: A Chinese company working on 765 kV transmission line project of Dasu Hydropower Project M/s Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) has issued force majeure notification against terrorist attack targeting Chinese engineers, well-informed sources told Business Recorder.

On March 26, a suicide bomber with explosives laden car blew a bus carrying Chinese engineers near Besham (Swat) which took the lives of five Chinese engineers working on Dasu power project. One Pakistani also lost his life in the terror attack.

The sources said, Foreign Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar is also likely to visit China next week to express solidarity with China. He will hold meeting with his Chinese counterpart. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started preparations for his visit.

Beijing demands ‘severe punishment’ for perpetrators of attack on Chinese engineers in KP

The killing of Chinese engineers may have financial implications by delaying the project which is already behind schedule agreed with the World Bank.

“Due to occurrence of this incident, foreign enterprises have expressed grave concerns about the security situation in Pakistan. Assessments on the potential risks for foreign personnel traveling to Pakistan are currently underway, which may result in a temporary restriction on foreigners traveling here,” said Yu Hong, Project Manager 765 kV Transmission Line Project Lot-2.

According to the Chinese company, the occurrence of terrorist attack has already negatively affected site progress and the impact of such an incident may further slow-down the site work progress and/or even lead to a suspension of site work.

“In the light of recent terror incident, we are hereby issuing notice to inform you of the potential impact of this event on the project. Our team is currently assessing the implications of the incident and we will provide further updates as necessary,” said Project Manager Lot-2 to Chief Engineer/Project Director PMU-DTLP (NTDC), Amjad Ali.

Meanwhile, Chief Engineer/Project Director, Dasu, has sought advice from Chief Law Officer, NTDC on the letter of M/s HEI.

According to him, in this regard M/s HEI has expressed grave concern about the security situation in Pakistan. In addition, M/s HEI has conveyed to him that occurrence of this sad terrorist attack has negatively affected site progress and may continue to slow down the site work progress and/or even lead to suspension to site work.

Project Director, Dasu plant design, installation, testing and commissioning 765 kV double circuit Mansehra-Islamabad Overhead Transmission Line 97 kms (Lot- 2), in his letter further stated that in view of notice from M/s HEI citing such incident may potentially impact the project, Chief Law Officer (NTDC) should advise future course of action in order to ensure smooth execution of project and to avoid any delay in project completion keeping in view stringent timelines of this project.

The sources said the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), which deals with World Bank, has also forwarded the letter of M/s HEI to concerned Ministries for record and further necessary action.

No official from the Ministry of Water Resources of NTDC was available for comments.

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KU Apr 06, 2024 09:21am
The only thing that comes to mind is shame. We failed to protect our benefactors, again and again, despite our lofty resolves. Incompetence and writ of security is apparent.
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Re=== Apr 06, 2024 09:53am
For all those shouting loudly about China's brotherly love, China means business..... force majeure removes the liability of the China from the project from nonperformance to its brother pakistan
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A. Chak Apr 06, 2024 10:44pm
The snakes in the backyard now want to live in the house. These are the consequences. The world warned us, but it fell on deaf ears. Its high time we took their advice and got rid of ALL terrorists.
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