LAHORE: The provincial Minister for Information Azma Bokhari has said that the alleged audio of Maryam Nawaz has been brought to light by Shandana Gulzar to run over the vehicle over the dead body of Zillay Shah and such baseless allegations will not be tolerated.

The new revolutionary Shandana Gulzar Azad who has developed a love of conversation has been introduced out of the way to give her relief. The vehicle to which it belonged came to the fore in the Services Hospital but Shandana Gulzar has made a very baseless and fabricated accusation against the Chief Minister Punjab, Azma Bokhari said while talking to media, here Saturday. She said that those making false propaganda will not be allowed to do so anymore. If anyone spoke anything about Chief Minister Punjab then they should give evidence otherwise we will not forgive, she added.

Azma denounced that they are political vultures who love to sell and collect dead bodies. It is not the viewpoint of PML-N to play politics over dead bodies. She stated that an application has been filed in FIA against Shandana Gulzar. Shandana Gulzar should not run now and should bring the audio of Maryam Nawaz as where is the audio now, Azma Bokhari queried. "Late PTI worker Zallay Shah was crushed down by his own party people. He used to sit in the tent the whole day waiting to meet with Imran Khan," she said.

Azma Bokhari said that you will have to come to the inquiry now and the woman card will no longer work. She (Shandana) should prove such allegations otherwise she will have to face the law.

She said that the presidential election is taking place in Pakistan. In some way or the other, if you have attended assembly then take care of its decorum. Neither we will allow to take political revenge nor woman card will be allowed to be used she said. When the law asks and demands proof; then they come out with the banner of political revenge she argued.

Azma Bokhari highlighted that it is part of our manifesto that defamation laws should be made strict. The onus of murder allegation of Zillay Shah is put on you. Yasmeen Rashid tried to cover up the murder incident. If someone talks about it then cancer card comes to surface. Now there will be zero tolerance policy on behalf of PML-N, she said. Responding to a question, Azma Bokhari said that the charter of Democracy has been undertaken. We will not be used against each other.

She said Asif Ali Zardari is a champion of reconciliation and makes better decisions in good and bad situations. Nawaz Sharif's popularity is not dependent on pictures as without him PML-N stands nowhere."

Azma Bokhari said that Maulana Fazalur Rehman's votes have been stolen from KPK as we stand with him. Ali Amin Gandapur has been nominated. What do they want to convey by making the wanted person of 9th May the Chief Minister of KPK?

Azma Bokhari maintained that when Nawaz Sharif launched Health Card in 2015 than it was copied in Punjab. PTI had made the green, red Health Card but still health facilities will be provided to the public, concluded Azma Bokhari.

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